If your computer is acting up, if you are searching via internet explorer or firefox and the results you are getting seem weird or feel like google isn’t giving you good results you may have some spyware or malware on your computer.   A good solution I have found is Malwarebytes Anti Malware. You can check it out at www.malwarebytes.org.

download free version of malwarebytes

You can download the free version to try it and then run a quick scan you and might just be surprised on what it finds.  After that, run a full system scan.   Wow, there is alot of spyware and malware out there.   To purchase the full version, the cost is only $24.95 and well worth it.    I like it and it’s definitely worth checking out.


Glad to see there are organizations out there helping fix these issues.   Smile and pass it on.

Tech Tip: Got Spyware Issues – Try Malwarebytes