TRON Legacy
TRON Legacy

If I was in the clothing market, a new leather jacket would be on sale with built in LED lights.   One thing is for sure, the gear in the grid in the movie TRON was pretty awesome.   Be on the look out for LED lighted leather jackets.

As for the movie, TRON Legacy was a 4 star in offering high tech action.  Our entire family went to the movie and our youngest daughter, who is 9 and son, who is 10 both wanted to see about getting the game TRON.   Eventhough they highly enjoyed the film, I’m thinking the TRON video game might not be as cool to them unless they’ve reinvented it with todays graphics.   Ping me if you know if there is an “updated” game available.

The plot was pretty interesting and the zen master image of  “Flynn” was a cool touch, but it could have used a little more kick action from the master.  The high tech cycle battles and the off the grid off-road cruiser was sweet.  

It’s a tick long for the rear quarter, but worth the trip to the theater.  I’m pretty suprised then didn’t launch the movie a little earlier this year so we could buy LED lighted remote control cycles and off-road TRON vehicles.  But perhaps its not too late to sell a few black leather jackets with LED trim.

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