In the age of technology, facts and figures one has got to wonder what it takes to create a brand that has fanatical fans, that is loved beyond reason.

Lovemarks BookWe all have a list of products, services or brands we just LOVE.   Apple has screaming, loving fanatical fans and Microsoft has users.   What is needed to make a product, brand or company loved?  In his book, Lovemarks, the Author Kevin Roberts proposes that what we all need, and that’s Love.  And for a brand to be a Lovemark, it must have loyalty beyond reason.  It’s not enough to just be a brand and be great.    Way beyond brands are Lovemarks, where emotion is essential.

This was an interesting and enjoyable read for me and one I would highly recommend.     How do you go about creating a Lovemark exactly?  Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy are the creators.    Customers create and control a Lovemark.   Roberts suggests high respect is not enough.  To be a Lovemark, a product, brand or company must have high love and high respect.  For more information on the concept, check out The Love/Respect Axis.

“Great businesses don’t just break the rules, the transform them”.

Kevin Roberts believes its the role of business to make the world a better place for everyone.  And when a business creates employment, that creates self-esteem.   With inspiration, innovatoin and emotion, Lovemarks can be created.

The Lovemarks website, you can find many addition resources, information on the author as well as a list of lovemarks.  You can even nominate a Lovemark.  Let’s all create some more love.

Smile & Pass It On.

Business Making Love – Lovemarks