Crush It BookFacebook, twitter, youtube, friends feed, wordpress and many others like them, are transforming the world  every day and in every way.   Transparency rules and the stiff minded, close to the vest, thinker has been left in the dust.

One of the more interesting reads on the subject is the book, Crush It, written by Gary Vaynerchuck.

Like all great books, I discovered some interesting concepts to bring forward into my own adventures.   Including doing a weekly video to now goes out to our entire company discussing what’s happening.  The feedback has been amazing and has added from addition fun to our culture.  When talking with friends, who are looking for ideas on how to take what they are doing to the next level, this book comes to mind and is often at the top of the stack.

In the book, Gary shares his story along with tips on how you can crush it.   Preaching family first, then hard work, along becoming a expert on something you have passion for.  Then utilizing your own DNA and the various social media tools, most of which are free, to knock “it” out of the park.   Whether you become a blogger, youtuber, tweetmaster or all three, you can enjoy your passion and eventually find advertisers to partner with, who are looking for better returns on their marketing dollars.     Get it, read it, crush it.  It is more of a “I” book, but not the less it is packed with fresh perspectives and will definitely get you thinking.   Gary is a fired up and spirited, “tell it like he see’s it”, kind of business guru.

Enjoy and Pass It On.

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How To Capitalize On The Social Media Revolution

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    I will be checking this out! Thanks Scott!

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