Peak by Chip ConleyYes, I want to be a peaker.  With having trouble getting the energy to continue reading a different book for a week or so, and at the same time battling with the my principle that “one should finish what they started”, I finally decided to sacrifice my principle, (for a little while), and read another book instead.   That new book was Peak, How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow by Chip Conley.  Wow, what a great decision.  This is the absolute best business book I have personally read.  It is packed with extraordinary stories, principles and how to’s.  Yes, Yes, I want to be a peaker.

Most of us want to have a peak experience and better yet, keep and grow it.   Abraham Maslow called this self-actualization and Chip Conley refers to it as peak experience.  Lately, I have been pondering why people often have great personal values, but seem to be in fear of living by them in a workplace.  So they are saying, yes I have values, but I will ignore them at work, as living them might bring negative consequences.  Is getting paid more important than living by one’s personal values?  Most of us have a value of wanting to learn and grow, as a person.  My question is how much time do you spending practicing that value?  Most of us have a value of wanting to be honest.  Why is it that often people struggle with being transparent with a customer or fellow employee?  Why can’t a business practice the values of its’ people?  What is stopping us?  Perhaps it’s fear.  I believe we can be inspired to change it.  The book, Peak, is a great example of this.  What Chip has done with his company and is passing on to us is truly inspiring.  Our company, has developed some core values that aims to help focus, guide us and inspire us to building a better (hopefuly great) company.  The information in this book, will definitely help us on our quest.

Like Maslow, Conley looks at success rather than failure.  Meaning, looking those individuals, or in Conley’s case, those companies that achieve self-actualization rather than those who don’t.  Conley uses Maslow’s ideas of self actualization and turns them into a design for company actualization.   The concept of Peak is when a person has a peak experience, in which he is using all of his capabilities at the absolute best and fullest levels.   Conley suggests since a company is a collection of people, that this concept can and has been applied to great business.   Self-actualized people are creative, flexible, courageous, willing to make mistakes, open, humble & are cooperative among colleagues.  This is another, what I like to refer to as a “we book”, a book designed to help us be great, rather than the individual.

The “Relationships Truth Pyramid”, developed by Conley, covers the guiding principles for relationships with employees, customers and investors.  This Pyramid includes 3 other Pyramids.  The “Employee Pyramid” shows how to create deeper and more meaningful workplace relationships.  The “Customer Pyramid” shows how brands create more self-actualized customers and deliver on their unrecognized needs.  The “Investor Pyramid” show how to apply the Hierarchy of Needs theory to a companies relationship to investors or to those the organization is accountable to.  The book is amazing and inspiring.  In addition, it is a how to guide offering ideas on how bring these truths together and put them into action. This is referred to as the “heart” that keeps the 3 pyramids of the RTP together.   Each area of each pyramid is written in a practical and easy to understand language of the heart.  This is a must read book for anyone wanting to transform their company.

Wanna Be A Peaker?