Exceptional Customer Service BookFor a business, customer service is a term often thrown around and considered to be “super” important to every company.  There are tons of books on it and we all agree, it’s definitely important.  Saying it’s important and living like it’s important are two entirely different things.  Companies all have “policies” and all to often write policy that punishes most customers because of a few unique situations.  So the first thing needed is to remove policies that have been written because something happened once or twice and somehow the “company” felt it necessary to write some over wordy policy to cover the situation that now makes it more difficult to help all the other customers.

The next step is to then empower your customer service staff (really the entire company should be part of any customer service training), to enthusiastically help exceed the needs of your customers.  You know, like we want to be treated when we’re the customer.  In our case, (RealTruck.com) we strive to live our guiding principles, especially our first one; “Deliver More”, and go way above & beyond what is expected.  We want to kill “status quo”.  We want our customers to know and feel they are both special and important.  We do this by making sure our interactions with them transmit a great & memorable experience.  The challenge for us has been continuing to find new ways to raise the bar and really empowering our staff to do whatever is necessary to wow our customers.   We have found a great book to further help this cause.

Oh you may be asking, what is the next step.  Well, that would be to read the book “Exceptional Customer Service”.  Here’s how it started for me.  Our customer service manager, Debi gave me a copy of the book “Exceptional Customer Service” written by Lisa Ford, David McNair & William Perry.  To be honest, it really didn’t think much of the book based on it’s title, as there is nothing ziggy about it.  However, because Debi insisted I read it and the fact that it is on Tony Hsieh’s (CEO of Zappos) book list, I forced myself to begin reading it.  The old saying “never judge a book by it’s cover” echoed in my head before I even finished the first chapter.   The book is packed with great examples of how to really take your customer service program to the next level and beyond.  You will learn powerful insights on personalizing your customer’s experience and ways to rise to the needs of challenging customers.  Along with a strong reminder on the importance of first and last impressions.  It is full of intriguing questions to answer with self-guided exercises and methods of implementation to examine.  This is certainly a must have book for anyone in the business world.  Whether you are a CEO, marketing guru or the worlds best front line customer service agent, it is well worth the read.  It is so impressive, that we are now in the process of incorporating the book into our “basics” training along with some of Lisa Ford’s training videos.   While the simply designed book cover my not impress you, the content certainly will.

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Exceptional Customer Service – A Must Read