Twitter LogoFriends and co-workers often ask me about Twitter. What’s the big deal? How do you use it? It can be really confusing to figure out as it’s nothing like Facebook. Here is essentially what I sent out to the RealTruck staff sharing with them my observations on twitter. I am still learning as I go and have a weird knack for figuring out patterns.  Warning, this is not “expert” knowledge by any means.

My 11 pennies on Twitter

  1. Just follow people you enjoy reading tweets from in your feed (unless you are just trying to build followers).
  2. Interact. Just jump into the conversation and tweet about whatever you feel like sharing. Remember to give credit when appropriate by ending with via @TheirTwitterName
  3. Check your @ Connect see if anyone is talking to you or mentions you. It’s okay to respond to them.
  4. Retweet and/or favorite others peoples tweets (if you like what they are saying).
  5. Check out what is trending on twitter. These trends generally start with a #, such as #socialmedia. These trends are the things that are hot topics in twitter. Often you can find out big events faster on twitter than the news. You can also follow a conversation by searching a trend such as #thingsilikeaboutmyself to see what everyone is saying about it.
  6. If you use a mobile app like Hootsuite, you can retweet with quotes, which allows you to comment on what you are retweeting from someone. (The twitter mobile website or regular website only lets you retweet and doesn’t let you comment on that retweet.)
  7. If you have more than one twitter account, the mobile apps and Hootsuite allow you to switch back and forth easily.
  8. It’s a great way to share and learn new stuff, provided you are just following things and people you are interested in.
  9. Personally, I like it because I can get access to really cool stuff for business, (from tools to learning) and because its generally okay to tweet a lot on what one is thinking, whereas on Facebook if you over share, people might feel you think Facebook is Twitter.
  10. Pick a twitter name that is easy to remember and try to stay away from 0’s (zeros) or O’s at the end of your name as they can be hard to figure out.  Remember to fill out your profile and link your Twitter handle on your other social platforms.
  11. Here’s a quick 101 video on how to use twitter that is downright helpful.

11 Cents on Twitter