"The Red Fox" painting by Peggy Martin
“The Red Fox” painting by Peggy Martin

“If you don’t hear what you want to hear, say want you want to hear, if you don’t see what you want to be, be want you want to see” — Peggy Martin

How does one create change?  This quote, in a few short words, really transmits the idea that if I want to transform my world, it’s really in my control to do something about it by what I say and more importantly what I do.

Note: Peggy Martin is an artist and a spiritual leader.  The picture shown is a painting by Peggy that some friends gave me as a gift.  The red fox was added to the painting, by Peggy, at the request of my friends.  For some reason they felt I would appreciate a painting with a “red” fox it in.  The real appreciation is getting such a precious gift, from friends from an artist I personally know.

Say It – Do It