#AskAnything Answered: Folks will often ask how did you get 25,000,000 video views on Youtube? Luck and timing. Luck and timing. Check out the video and 8 video marketing tips below.

There’s a few more keys to natural video marketing success. Consistency, along with the concept of creating useful and helpful videos for your customer base. Often, I see brands go and create a grand production. A video that requires too much time and way too much money. It’s crazy expensive. They will post it up, get 500 views and wonder why no one liked the new slick video as much as they did. Then, create another grand production, publish it a few months later with the same result. The likelihood of a good return on investment is relatively low.

Rather than try to create a viral video, my experience has been to create and post videos regularly with content that helps the customer do whatever they do better. Be useful, be helpful. These videos include genuine people, sharing their real thoughts and experiences, with less scripting and staging. They can be produced faster with minimal costs. I’m not suggestion “grand productions” should not be created from time to time, rather if you don’t have the audience, which you will get from more useful, genuine videos, then it’s a big waste of time and money considering no one sees them. Whereas lower cost, helpful videos have a great return on investment and ultimately help you become a trusted authority in your space.

8 Tips for Video Marketing Success

  1. Be Consistent: Regularly load up videos to Youtube or Facebook. I suggest 8 videos a week.
  2. Be Useful: Help your customers do whatever they do better. Create useful videos rather than just buy videos or boring product videos. How to and why videos. If it’s a product video it should be quick and presented in a genuine “real” person & “real” experience context.
  3. Be Genuine: Rather than doing a grand production once every six months, just do genuine videos with genuine people, talking in real terms with the general theme of being helpful.
  4. Be Determined: Building an audience takes time. Be steadfast in producing “useful” & “helpful” content. Don’t get so caught up in video perfection.
  5. Make Sure To Optimize: The videos should be titled properly and include a good description. Make sure the captions are turned on or added to the video. Create playlists to organize your videos by content types.
  6. Link It Up: Make sure your description includes a link to your website, as well as creating cards with additional links. (for Facebook, include a link and occasionally tag a product if applicable)
  7. Embed It: When applicable, embed the video into your website on the page or pages that are most relevant to that content.
  8. Share It: Share it on the appropriate social media platforms. Share it with your employees and business partners. Include it in your emails. Share it more than once. Depending on the content in the video and the social platform, you may be able to share it out 4-12 times in a year.

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The Principles To Fortune Book by Scott Bintz
The Principles To Fortune Book by Scott Bintz
8 Tips for Video Marketing Success