The Short Version

Scott BintzScott Bintz founded in the basement of a duplex in 1998, that has grown into a 100+ million dollar e-commerce super-store on a mission to make people’s lives and vehicles better right from beautiful North Dakota.  As CEO, he and his management team grew the business based on guiding principles and discovered you can create a great company for employees, partners and customers while having fun doing it.  Being recognized as a Top Place to work by ND Young Peoples & Prairie Business along with other recognition’s such as the Bizrate Platinum Circle of Excellence, top 300 mobile & top 500 e-commerce companies numerous years in a row and he was even lucky enough to be featured in national UPS ads.  Scott sold to Truck Hero, Inc. of Ann Arbor, MI, a $1+ billion conglomerate that owns many other brands and growing.  Scott continues to have some equity interest in Truck Hero and also assisted with developing the digital & web strategy for all their brands.  Scott created RH Rebel, a property development and investment company, and Red Headed Rebel, a marketing company that advises companies with business strategy, e-commerce, digital marketing & work culture building. He is also tried his hand at teaching a digital marketing class at the University of Jamestown for two semesters, which attracted 60+ students on the first offering making it the largest class in UJ history.  Scott is also involved with numerous boards and a few limited speaking engagements. And if that isn’t enough, is thinking about writing a book in the near future.  His story is really about learning and doing.  His favorite saying is “Anything’s Possible”.

The Long Version

While most racers have a large trophy collection, Scott’s shelves don’t hold many mementos of that sort.  It is true, he has won many times, but his philosophy of passing on the good vibes applies to the thrill of winning on the track as well.  “If we give the trophy away, not only does the team feel the thrill of the win, but whomever we pass the trophy along gets a special memory as well.”

Scott is the past CEO and Founder of RealTruck.Com, an online pickup truck accessories store that was created in 1998.  Although its humble beginnings were in the basement, RealTruck has now grown into a multi-million dollar online e-commerce superstore.

Its mission is simple, to make people’s lives and vehicles better.   Include fun, improve, be transparent, deliver more,  passionately determined and be humble every day. These particular core values weren’t what Scott Bintz originally had in mind when he started 2 decades ago, but as he started working with people and developing his business acumen, he learned that true leadership didn’t come from how the numbers looked at the end of each quarter. He discovered that leadership and successful entrepreneurship came from changing people’s lives for the better.

Like the beginnings of RealTruck, Scott’s first business ventures were humble as well.  He started at age nine selling greeting cards door to door.  And win or lose, has kept his entrepreneurial spirit alive since then.

After graduating from Minot State University, North Dakota in 1993 with a BA in Economics, Scott worked at CellularONE as a sales rep.  He was promoted to an area manager after only a few month.  During this time, cellular companies didn’t sell many accessories for phone, but aftermarket companies offered some items.  Bintz, created Cellular World on the side to offer a wider selection of cellular accessories to customers.  This business lasted until he left CellularOne.

Interest in the truck accessory world led Scott to work for ACI Agri-Cover in 1994.  The man was a beast at driving a bargain and became a regional sales manager and then the national sales manager.  A few years with Agri-Cover had Scott yearning to be on his own to discover his potential… thus, Northwest Representation, Inc. (AKA NW Reps) was born.

RealTruck Begins 1998 (Scott Bintz)
RealTruck Begins 1998 (Scott Bintz)

NW Reps is a manufactures agent firm, that operated out of Spokane, Wa.  The firm represented about 20 truck accessories and truck equipment manufacturers and set up dealers for them in the northwest United States.  Some of his clients included KargoMaster, Crown Van Equipment, ACI Agri-Cover, SFC Sunroofs and Hiniker Snowplows.  It was during this time, Scott was trying to figure out an easier, faster and more effective way to sell bed covers for ACI than setting up dealers and working trade shows.  In early 1998, Scott shot at TV ad for Access bed covers.  He talked the manufacture along with 3 dealers in the Spokane area to pay to run it on TV.  This proved successful in selling more bed covers.  Then he had the idea, what if we created a website that had this TV Ad (video) on it and tried to sell them online.  Thus RealTruck was born. started as a hobby business.  One the day the site was launched, it took its’ first order.  For the next 18 months, Scott operated both NW Reps, which then was responsible for about $8 million in sales along with RealTruck.

Scott Bintz in UPS Ad
Scott Bintz in UPS Ad

In May of 2000, Scott sold NW Reps to one of his sales reps, Greg Hoff.  Missing North Dakota, in May of 2000, was relocated to Jamestown, ND.  RealTruck continued to grow in Jamestown, ND selling truck accessories all over the US.   The business continued to flourish over the years, going through different levels of growth, focus and strategy.  In 2006, RealTruck won an innovation award from the Information Technology Council of North Dakota.  Jeff Vanlaningham and Justin Deltener joined RealTruck in 2007 helping RealTruck grow to higher and higher levels. Scott continued as CEO, Jeff as President, bringing new insights to RealTruck and Justin lead the IT team. In 2008, the focus of the company shifted to building company culture.  This was the real game changer.  RealTruck’s mission and guiding principles were fully developed and implimented into all the day to day actions.  This lead to a number of wild, crazy and fun things.  From watching people love coming to work to customers becoming fans and breaking sales records.  Scott was even know to “Scott Bintz Shaves Head for RealTruck Reaching Goals” a few different times when company goals were reached.  Being featured in a UPS national advertising campaign was a real treat.  Over the years, RealTruck received numerous awards and notations such as a Top place to work from ND Young Peoples & Prairie Biz Magazine along with BizRate’s Platinum Circle of Excellence.  The business was named one of the twenty fastest growing mobile websites by Internet Retailer Magazine and has been on their top 500 e-commerce websites & top 300 mobile websites for several years and named #1844 on the Inc. 5000 in 2014.  In 2015, RealTruck reached over 60 million in sales and employed over 100 people becoming in the #1 source online for pickup truck accessories.  To make sure RealTruck would be strong for years to come, Scott sold the company to Truck-Hero, Inc.  Truck Hero has the resources to continued to take RealTruck to the next level and beyond.  in late 2016 & early 2017, Scott then developed the digital & web strategy for the 1 billion, multi-brand enterprise, Truck Hero.  In July, 2017, Scott left Truck Hero and is working on a book.

King of the Dirt

In reality, being an entrepreneur is Scott’s second job.  His life’s career is that of a seeker. Learning and doing.  In additional to being a seeker, he tries to be the best father, husband and friend he can be.   Scott is married to his bride, Shannon and father to their 5 beautiful kids.  Spiritual seeker, Internet business consultant, speaker and dirt track race car driver (ND State Champion, B-Mod Nationals Winner, King of the Dirt winner & 2X Wild Westshootout winner), all fall under his ‘additional skill’ list on his resume.

Driven by an innate human force to be considerate to those around him and the daily drive to be a better father, husband and business leader, Scott sees each day as a new challenge.  “Let’s not be so busy we don’t have time to help those around us with a kind word or considerate act.”