Serial e-commerce entrepreneur, Scott Bintz, books include "Principles to Fortune" and "Doubtful Passenger.

Principles to Fortune

Available in hard cover, paperback, ebook and audiobook formats

Hard-core experience & practical actions to enhance any business. This book is written for the rest of us. For the average, everyday entrepreneur, business leader & owner. It will inspire you, touch your heart and make you laugh. It is the fuel to make your business better. Scott shares how RealTruck went from his basement to over $100+ million in e-commerce pickup truck accessory sales from North Dakota. Winning best place to work awards and ranking on Internet Retailer's top 300 mobile and top 500 e-commerce lists. It has received praise from business leaders like Chip Conley and Tony Hsieh.

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Doubtful Passenger

Available in paperback & ebook formats

This is the omitted chapter from the original publication of the book Principles To Fortune. It is a 43 page mini book. We all have a “doubtful passenger”, it’s in our mind and out in the world. It must be tamed with perspective. We seem to be born with it to some extent and the rest of it is nurtured and grown from our experience. It’s a gritty, rough and raw view of labels I’ve allow to be strapped to my mind from my inner self or other people, along with experiences and some insight to how I’ve improved or given context to these labels, which have freed and allow me to do some pretty incredible things.

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"E-commerce marketing isn't just a shiny website & slick ads. It's ideas, attitudes and actions that benefit the customer, the staff and the brand's business partners. A strategic way of life per say, that when properly executed, creates life long customers, evangelical employees, helpful partners and yes, some profit to boot."

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"In business, if you want to grow, you need to focus on what you are doing, not on what others are doing.  It’s hard to steer a car or a business if all your time is spent looking at who or what is beside you."


We spend 40 or more hours of our life every week working.-  I’d decided right then I’d prefer to do that with people I like."

"Only following the money, you probably won't enjoy it. Follow your passion & you'll find a way to make enough money to do it."

Why Scott Wrote The Book in his own words:

I am writing this book for a few reasons. First to share the RealTruck story for those who created it and share how how our guiding principles transformed it into unbelievable success. Secondly, I wrote it for all the entrepreneurs and business folks out there that are like me- not always the seen as the smartest in the room, and who don’t have access to the best colleges and resources. I wrote it for those who aren’t leading or working at the world's greatest or next best “fill in the blank”. You know the rest of us. The “normal” average everyday folks who want to create, build, grow and learn. The owners, leaders, managers and employees at the 27.9 million small businesses in the US. And the future entrepreneurs like me, some of the 20.4 million students attending a “regular” college or university, who have lots of self-doubt that can be overcome.

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