“When employees are allowed to bring their authentic selves to work and genuinely care about helping others succeed, then amazing things can happen” — Scott Bintz

Scott loves working with organizations, teams and individuals where he can help transform the culture towards positive and lasting change.   Scott consulting includes work culture, e-commerce, digital marketing, business principles and leadership.

Work Culture

Unleash the potential within your company.  Learn how to create and nurture a work or team culture where amazing things can happen everyday.  Often people have great principle principles but have a hard time practicing them at work.  You can change this.


Getting into or growing your e-commerce can be challenging.  There are lots of people trying to make money off of people trying to make money on the internet.  Learn the best practices for being a leading online brand.  From website structure to user experience.  Making sure you have the right content in the right place along with increasing user engagement.

Digital Marketing

PPC, shopping ads, display ads, retargeting, facebook ads, youtube and more.  Where to you start?  Develop a strategy to enhance your brand and fully capitalize on the best digital opportunities available.

Business Principles

Incorporate winning business principles into your organization.  There are a thousand things to do, how do you get most important things done first.  Learn how to develop great business principles and maximize engagement from your team.


Leading is not the same thing as managing.  Most people manage.  Leadership empowers those around you to get thing done without being micro-managed.  Find out the kind of leader you are and how to get the most out of your natural DNA and your experience.


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