As a successful business man, serial e-commerce entrepreneur and rookie author, Scott advises and offers his expertise to podcasters across the world about business, culture, guiding principles and writing his first book. Tune into any of the below podcasts to get inside Scott's mind, learn what he knows, and apply his wisdom to your own team, business or life. Scott believes anything is possible and always wants you to smile. Enjoy!

Point of View with Chris Berg

The Jeff Bezos of Truck Accessories

In this episode, Chris Berg from the Point of View podcast chats with Scott about growing RealTruck from his basement and why he wrote the book Principles to Fortune.

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Kobo Writing Life Podcast

In this episode, Chrissy chats with Scott Bintz, the founder of, a $100M e-commerce store from North Dakota. Recently, Scott became a rookie author, publishing his first book Principles to Fortune: Crafting a Culture to Massively Grow a Business. He discusses his guiding principles in the workplace and how these fundamental values led to his success today. He also explains how these values can be adapted by anyone, anywhere.

  • Scott discusses the core values of his company and the fundamental business principles that led him to success.
  • Scott talks about book marketing, and how not knowing what he should do allowed him the creative freedom to do anything he wanted.
  • He also discusses customer satisfaction and how we like to be wowed by a great customer experience, so anything you can do to enhance that is great for your customer or reader.
  • Scott chats to us about failure and how you should never be afraid to fail, as no one will remember it anyway.

Killing it and conquering the doubtful passenger. Andrew Warner catches up with Scott as they discuss how running a truck accessory company with an e-commerce culture led to $100 Million in sales. Aspiring to start your own business but feel like too much of an underdog? Worried you may fail? They team up to discuss their failures, insecurities, and how they overcame their hurdles.

E-commerce culture led to $100M ARR

"I’ve never been in a pickup truck my entire life. But that’s no excuse to not know about the company today’s guest built and sold. Scott Bintz is the founder of RealTruck, an e-commerce pickup truck accessory company. He sold it to TruckHero. In the e-commerce space, we can learn a lot from a company who is selling large, unwieldy, physical things like truck accessories.

I invited him here to talk about how he did it." -- Andew Warner

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Massively Growing A Business Podcast

Sean Clark hosts and asks Scott very specific questions regarding business growth, the importance of overcoming failure, humility, culture and more. What is, hands-down, the best marketing that any business could have? How did Scott re-inspire himself to continue growing his business? How did it all start? Listen to gather the free wisdom and knowledge that is shared.

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Selling online & killing it

Jon Nastor interviews Scott on what it takes to sell $100 Million worth of truck parts. Scott discusses how he identified patterns in the marketplace, why you should include work culture to grow your revenue and how to test out your e-commerce ideas and learn from your failures.

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In this fascinating conversation, we discuss:

  • How to identify and see patterns in your marketplace
  • Why you should focus on work culture to grow your revenue
  • How you should test out your e-commerce ideas

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How Scott Bintz Grew A 100+ Million Dollar E-commerce Super-Store From His Basement (And What Is Next)

Check out the Ignite Visibility University podcast to learn the truth behind what drive's Scott to continue his journey as an entrepreneur.

In the latest episode with host, John Lincoln, Scott Bintz shared how he built a multi-million dollar business from the ground up. Not only did he have help and support from his family, friends and coworkers; but, he also believes that an emphasis on strong company culture lead to his success. What's next for Scott? Which business tip can you apply to your own company?

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When Principles Boost Profits

Early in his eCommerce career, Scott Bintz was focused on more: more customers, more sales, more employees, etc. But, he says, it was only after he looked beyond those conventional measures of success that his company experienced exponential growth.

We discuss the key changes he made to his company internally that brought those results. It wasn’t a simple matter of a new marketing strategy or tweaking the product line-up.

The changes were more fundamental, which is why they had such an impact, says Scott.

Tune in to get all the details on that transformation, as well as…

  • What should influence every business decision you make
  • The 3 people you should speak to about improving your company’s strategies and processes
  • The importance of honest communication – and what that actually looks like
  • The first questions you should ask during a job interview
  • And more

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Creating A Culture To Grow Your Business

Anything is possible.

Scott Bintz, who is an entrepreneur and the author of Principles to Fortune, is no Ivy league graduate.

He created 6 guiding principles that helped him change the workplace culture which, overall,  made his employees and customers much happier.

As a result, his company, became the #1 source for pickup accessories online with sales over $100+ million.

During this podcast, you’ll discover…

  • The importance of principles in the workplace
  • Why it's vital to find something that will inspire you through life
  • Why nourishing your soul and ignoring negativity are essential

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